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rebuild php-wikidiff2 and php-luasandbox for php7 and stretch
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The current versions of these packages for stretch require php5.

Needed for migration of the apps cluster to stretch/php7.

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ArielGlenn triaged this task as Medium priority.Jan 5 2018, 1:19 PM
ArielGlenn created this task.

@Legoktm already prepared a stretch-backports upload of php-luasandbox, so we can use that one. We could update wikidiff2 in stretch-backports to 1.5.1-3 and stick with the Debian releases?

Works for me, but the actual users of these packages should probably weigh in ;-)

I prepped a stretch backport of wikidiff2 and put it on mentors - I belive it'll need to go through backports-NEW though.

I think sticking with the Debian releases is fine for now, if we do have to update them in a timely manner (bypass the testing/backports 2-5 day delay) it should be trivial to upload newer versions to apt.wm.o that have a higher priority than stretch-backports. I would expect that when we drop hhvm support from the packages, they will just use the standard Debian packaging.

Moritz uploaded wikidiff2 to stretch-backports, it's currently waiting in the backports NEW queue:

Both wikidiff2 and luasandbox are now in stretch-backports.

In addition I'll drop the php-wikidiff2 from our internal src:php-wikidiff2 package (so that it only builds hhvm-wikidiff2).

I've verified that the beta snapshot instance picks up this package with no tweaks to repos or pinning needed. Thanks!