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Add zhuyifei1999_ to Toolforge roots
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@zhuyifei1999 is one of the most active maintainers in Toolforge and is continually helping other maintainers debug their Tools. I propose we have them generate a key to be used for root in Toolforge. This makes debugging for other tenants much easier and especially looking at live state for batch run Tools.

Would be added

I'm passing to @bd808 for sign off.

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@zhuyifei1999 can you put up a public key you want to use for root on Toolforge?

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCdm+Kiet0U2AjfPLFKIZLh57pXruVzlIfSypwSt7GRlZ+0sGhExYWvXdreW5zgZRJ3aXzR84qaZOqpwgHuVFlfMszXzq3E6p9dZ/bATP/lvIkucJJ2RL5C4ABvfwd4MHs68rW9UGwPVWn1qQftvoNpeDCu4t50uLbP9vcEXzaXrVioHROPoEpqk4YofHQS9F4HIKDbfjTFwUb5YQ/lsajuK0EZXlAELoaZ7s+uBolyBmXkIjWOjyGwHCoBU1FPiufLwLYuMZz0iAqw930dgoi89VgaPhlu12j2yP+2BZ3XkEgpzNBmZ/3lwVvRPyUnWw2pBU4qvs00FUARzx/WTRSJ zhuyifei1999@zhuyifei1999-ThinkPad-X260

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2018-01-29T20:02:38Z] <chasemp> add zhuyifei1999_ tools root for T185577