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Consider setting up "Projects" in
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Description defining /mediawiki/skins/ as a project so with one click you can filter on any related activity in all skins.
Would have to happen via project.json files to create. Cannot do this ourselves until Bestiary tool is in place.

Note that projects are not disjunct I was told: two projects could contain the same repository.
T179240 is a potential usecase here (one project = one engineering team).

Discussed this idea at FOSDEM 2018 with Bitergia.

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For the records, we could already do this, see Wikimedia as the current only top-level item in

However I'm not convinced if my idea is really the best use case, as it is organization specific. So while this might be one solution, I am not convinced that it is also the best solution for the underlying 'problem' of making filtering relevenat views per engineering teams a bit less cumbersome.