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Switch in bicubic image scaling for client-side thumbnailing in Internet Explorer 7
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Screen shot IE7 with full-page zoom showing ugly pixels

In some circumstances, raster images can get scaled up or down on the client side:

  • Small source image scaled up to a large size [[Image:Tiny.png|300px]]
  • GIF image over $wgMaxAnimatedGifArea
  • Any image scaled on server with no GD or ImageMagick scaling engine available
  • Any image when browser's full-page zoom is used

Many modern browsers use a pretty scaling method, but by default Internet Explorer uses nearest-neighbor which looks awful.

Apparently, IE 7 can switch in bicubic scaling via a simple bit of custom CSS:

If there aren't unpleasant side effects it may be wise to use this.

IE 6 can perhaps do this with the scary filter we're using for Alpha PNGs or a variant, but it's probably not worth expending effort on IE 6 at this point.

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Parallels_Picture.png (730×1 px, 163 KB)



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Adding testme. Please test with Internet Explorer 8 and note the result here.

IE8 seems to be using bicubic scaling by default, which looks much better. (Tested 8.0.6001.18702 on XP SP2 32-bit under VMware.)

I don't think we're gonna bother doing this, nobody likes IE7 and later versions have fixed it upstream. ;)

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