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Why Wikipedia does not have alt text in the logo area?
When I use Wikipedia from a mobile device, I use a opera mini with traffic compression and disabled images. I'm used/ assuming to use the full version of the site (not mobile view). And the logo of the site in the upper left corner is displayed by the colored area. First, to make a tap on a poorly understood colored area is not cool. Secondly, this is an active element - a link to the main page, can there be at least some alt text "Wikipedia"? Or is it unimportant because below there is a link "Main page" (although it is more small and click on the logo is the common action)? Can there be a sublevel (zoom) span with text as on the w3org site?

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As far as I know, there is no configuration variable and site requests cannot set it therefore.

Not a WCAG 2.0 violation in my opinion, on the basis that the logo is pure decoration. It is deliberately hidden from screen readers.

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@tstarling Where does “deliberately hidden” come from? tells a different story about link+title attribute combinations.
There's a patch by myself related to this, we might reconsider and add an aria-hidden=true valued attribute.