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Handle any identified maintenance issues for SMVK (Kaudern)
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Once the first (Kaudern) upload is done it is time to revisit the identified maintenance issues.

There are some leftover maintanance issues for the SMVK uploads under COH and there will be new images in maintenance categories as a result of the Kaudern upload. (See maintenance categories under c:Category:Media_from_the_National_Museums_of_World_Culture

This is best managed by SMVK staff under WMSE guidance. The aim being to

  1. Eliminating any images without descriptive filenames
  2. Empty some of the maintenance categories and give the staff guidance to how they can do this after the workshop/session
  3. Increase the usability of the uploaded images by making them more findable
  4. Illustrate why the mapping work before the upload, and the metadata cleanup before passing the data on to us is so important and how it ends up saving them time.

It might be of use to set a (WMSE internal) go for the maintanance cleanup. If SMVK cannot fulfil these then we need to be more strict in what we require with the metadata/mapping of future images before we upload them.

Event Timeline

Staff at SMVK contacted about possible dates for clean up workshop.

Could you add a link to this task from the SMVK report?