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Create new landing page for new members
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New members, specifically from outside of the Wikimedia Community, need to linked to a specifically designed page on WMSE-wiki with the most essential about how to engage with us and other members. Resources need to be displayed in a welcoming and non-overpowering way.

This page should be linked in welcome messages sent from Zynatic T185468: Create Zynatic content

New page:

  • Title of page: Ny medlem
  • Welcome text (why memberships matter)
  • links to:
    • social media accounts and groups
    • more?
  • How to leave message on-wiki
  • instructions in English? Not yet

Event Timeline

So I need to import template:Clickable button 2 from svwp (

Importen misslyckades: The content model 'sanitized-css' is not registered on this wiki. See to find out which extensions handle this content model.

Template page is started at

Did you check the box to import included templates as well? If so, try unchecking it.

It's happening because TemplateStyles isn't enabled yet on sewikimedia, while it is on svwiki. This should only affect the documentation template, so the button template itself should work as it should. 😊

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