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Deploy PageAssessments to Portuguese Wikipedia
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Similar system to enwiki, with some slight differences.

Meta template:ção:Marca_de_projeto
Example talk page:ão:Movimento_pelo_controle_de_natalidade_nos_Estados_Unidos

The meta template appears to accept multiple Wikiprojects/assessments at once. We'd have to do some {{#ifexist: parser functions or something, to check if other WikiProjects are specified, and use {{#assessment on those, too. Or, the Lua magicians might be able to do this in the rendered module, Módulo:Avaliação.

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@He7d3r Would you be willing to propose this feature to the Portuguese Wikipedia community? :) Here's a summary of what this is all about:

What is Page Assessments?

Page Assessments is a MediaWiki extension for storing article assessments (e.g. WikiProjects) in a structured and machine-readable way. This means tools, scripts, gadgets, etc., can use this data to show assessment data. For example, XTools Pages Created shows assessments of all the articles created by a user (see the "assessments" column), and XTools Page History shows assessments of an article for each individual WikiProject. Other tools like Pageviews Analysis also show article classifications.

After deployment, if your wiki is interested, we could also set up Popular pages bot. With this, you can configure it so that every month, the bot will give the most-viewed pages for a given WikiProject. This can help identify what pages need more attention from editors.

You will also have a Special:PageAssessments page on your wiki, which can be used to browse all articles and their assessments.

How it works

The first step is deploying the extension, which the WMF will do. Then in the template, we use the parser function {{#assessment: <name of the wikiproject> | <class> | <importance>}}. This will go in your WikiProject meta template, which appears to be Predefinição:Marca de projeto. This is not a visual change -- the code won't render anything. It just tells the extension to store the data you pass to it.

More documentation on usage is at mw:Extension:PageAssessments#Usage.

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