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Application comments not displaying on iOS
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It seems that comments aren't being displayed on some iOS devices. The cause or regularity of this issue is unclear.

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In addition to our recent css updates, I added a 400 error template, as that was the most interesting situation I was able to create while trying to break discussions. I tested on a recently acquired iphone and application discussions seem to work as expected. Awaiting feedback from the user that reported the issue.

I suppose we should mark this as closed since I have resolved all related display issues I could produce on iOS. I haven't heard back from the reporting editor, though.

Samwalton9 claimed this task.

Marking as resolved until I hear otherwise.

Reported as being a problem again.

Samwalton9 renamed this task from iOS display bug to Application comments not displaying on iOS.Apr 26 2019, 9:54 AM
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Closing this since I haven't heard any further reports.