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Send a mail to tool owners to notify them of the situation
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Privacy is an important issue.

And a Maniphest task doesn't offer a maximum visibility: some contributors are flooded with mails for hundreds tasks.

Currently, @Framawiki is doing a very appreciated effort to submit code changes for the remaining tools to update.

But then, when this round of changes will be done, I bet we'll have an handful of tools without public repository to send a change to or with maintainers not aware of the issue.

So I'd suggest the following plan:

  • In April, go on submitting code changes to tools with known repositories
  • Early May, send a mail to tools maintainers still needing to update their links, with a reference to J65.

For the mail (or commit messages), we can use the short URL to refer to J65.

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Dereckson triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 25 2018, 12:59 PM
Dereckson created this task.

Cool, good initiative. So now, we should track replies.

bd808 assigned this task to Framawiki.