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Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #10
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Information regarding upcoming meeting

NOTE: For last meeting and minutes, see here:

When: Friday 14th September, 2018
Time: 4pm - 5:30pm UTC (5pm - 6:30pm UTC+01)
Where: #wikimedia-dev-africa on Freenode
Hosts: @rosalieper, @Flixtey, @samuelguebo, @D3r1ck01

Meeting Agenda

  • Getting Volunteer Mentors for GCI 2018 from Africa
  • Brief chat with aspiring GSoC 2019 participants across Africa (T203068)
  • Technical Issues faced and pending patches for review if available
  • Co-working / pairing session of newbies with already existing AWMD members

Meeting Logs

12018-09-14 16:00:52 ** tybanash joined channel
22018-09-14 16:03:39 <tybanash> Hello
32018-09-14 16:07:20 <africanhope> tybanash: Hi
42018-09-14 16:07:54 <tybanash> Has the meeting begun?
52018-09-14 16:08:39 <africanhope> tybanash: not yet
62018-09-14 16:09:14 <africanhope> I don't see the other moderators d3r1ck and rosalie
72018-09-14 16:09:22 <tybanash> Ok
82018-09-14 16:11:02 <africanhope> In the meantime I will serve as acting moderator
92018-09-14 16:11:32 <africanhope> So we will give few moments for others to join us.
102018-09-14 16:12:10 <africanhope> If you don't mind we'll just introduce ourselves, there are a couple of mames that I haven't seen before :)
112018-09-14 16:12:15 <africanhope> names*
122018-09-14 16:12:55 <africanhope> Ange_237: tybanash do you want to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you?
132018-09-14 16:16:07 ** mukaram joined channel
142018-09-14 16:16:24 <mukaram> Hello
152018-09-14 16:16:30 <africanhope> mukaram: Welcome
162018-09-14 16:16:52 <africanhope> tybanash: Do you want to tell few things about yourself, where you are from and what you do?
172018-09-14 16:17:03 <africanhope> Ange_237: You could also do the same
182018-09-14 16:18:27 <tybanash> I am Awah Nadege , Cameroonian. A geology student who is so interested in web development and contributing to open source
192018-09-14 16:18:43 <mukaram> What is the agenda today?
202018-09-14 16:19:15 <mukaram> welcome tybanash
212018-09-14 16:19:29 <africanhope> The agenda is here:
222018-09-14 16:23:06 <opentechno> africanhope: me too
232018-09-14 16:23:42 <tybanash> Thanks @mukaram
242018-09-14 16:25:49 <mukaram> What is GCI 2018? I search on google but am lost
252018-09-14 16:26:16 <africanhope> First let's look at here:
262018-09-14 16:26:39 <africanhope> GCI stands for Google Code In
272018-09-14 16:28:38 <africanhope> For now there is a call for volunteer mentors
282018-09-14 16:29:37 <africanhope> To put that simply, GCI is a programme for young coders
292018-09-14 16:30:07 <africanhope> But more advanced developers generally help those young coders, they help them by being mentors
302018-09-14 16:31:03 <d3r1ck> Hello everyone!
312018-09-14 16:31:15 <d3r1ck> Sorry for the late entry! Security is tight in my part of the country
322018-09-14 16:31:21 <africanhope> So for now were are searching for volunteer mentors within the Wikimedia developers community. And, As I mentioned earlier, those who will volunteer as Mentors will help young coders with their tasks during Google Code In
332018-09-14 16:31:23 <d3r1ck> But I can take it from here, thanks africanhope :)
342018-09-14 16:31:39 <africanhope> d3r1ck: Right on time
352018-09-14 16:31:40 <opentechno> d3r1ck: Hi, welcome
362018-09-14 16:31:40 <d3r1ck> Rosalie poked me that she won't be around
372018-09-14 16:31:47 <d3r1ck> africanhope, opentechno, Hey!
382018-09-14 16:31:53 <d3r1ck> Where are we on the agenda?
392018-09-14 16:32:12 <africanhope> d3r1ck: Point 1
402018-09-14 16:32:14 <opentechno> d3r1ck: A long time, I very happy you joined
412018-09-14 16:32:28 <d3r1ck> opentechno: I'm always here :)
422018-09-14 16:32:40 <d3r1ck> africanhope: How far are we with the point, I don't want to read the logs :D
432018-09-14 16:32:43 <d3r1ck> I'm very lazy
442018-09-14 16:32:50 <opentechno> d3r1ck: First point
452018-09-14 16:33:17 <africanhope> d3r1ck: I was explaining to the folks what GCI is and our need for volunteer Mentors
462018-09-14 16:33:36 <africanhope> I also share the Phab link for the table of volunteer mentors, as of date
472018-09-14 16:33:46 <africanhope>
482018-09-14 16:33:50 <d3r1ck> Okay
492018-09-14 16:33:55 <d3r1ck> africanhope: Thanks
502018-09-14 16:34:25 <d3r1ck> They can read about GCI too here:
512018-09-14 16:34:41 <Ange_237> My name is Ange Taffo, Cameroonian. Am a computer scientists who is interested in contributing to open source
522018-09-14 16:35:56 <africanhope> Ange_237: Glad to have you Aboard!
532018-09-14 16:36:01 <tybanash> d3r1ck: ok
542018-09-14 16:36:13 <opentechno> Ange_237: Welcome in the Family
552018-09-14 16:36:27 <d3r1ck> Ange_237: Great! :)
562018-09-14 16:36:39 <Ange_237> @africanhope thanks
572018-09-14 16:36:45 <d3r1ck> You're welcome Ange_237, tybanash :)
582018-09-14 16:36:52 <d3r1ck> So any questions about point 1?
592018-09-14 16:38:20 <d3r1ck> Here is the agenda:
602018-09-14 16:39:03 <wikibugs> Africa-Wikimedia-Developers, Developer-Advocacy: Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #10 - (D3r1ck01) a:D3r1ck01
612018-09-14 16:40:44 <d3r1ck> Does the silence mean no question about signing up for GCI as mentor?
622018-09-14 16:40:49 <d3r1ck> It's gonna be fun :D
632018-09-14 16:43:54 <tybanash> No question from my end
642018-09-14 16:44:26 <d3r1ck> Next agenda point is: Brief chat with aspiring GSoC 2019 participants across Africa (T203068)
652018-09-14 16:44:39 <d3r1ck> So anyone here preparing for Google Summer of Code 2019?
662018-09-14 16:45:31 <d3r1ck> While waiting for responses, I see new nicks around
672018-09-14 16:45:53 <d3r1ck> Ange_237, mukaram, tybanash, you're all welcome :)
682018-09-14 16:46:04 <d3r1ck> (maybe this is the second welcome, :D)
692018-09-14 16:47:55 <opentechno> d3r1ck: of course
702018-09-14 16:48:12 <d3r1ck> So for those interested, what are you plan?
712018-09-14 16:48:29 <tybanash> d3r1ck: thanks. Sorry for bringing u back. Can newbies mentor? As for me am still trying to set up my environment
722018-09-14 16:49:11 <d3r1ck> From an experienced point of view, you'll need some skills around MW to be able to mentor
732018-09-14 16:49:18 <d3r1ck> But are you willing to dare? tybanash?
742018-09-14 16:49:45 <d3r1ck> I'm not usually afraid of daring into the unknown but I usually prepare myself ofcourse
752018-09-14 16:49:55 <d3r1ck> So it's okay if you feel you're not up to the task but you can prepare for next year right?
762018-09-14 16:50:46 <tybanash> d3r1ck: yea sure, i can prepare for now and dare next year
772018-09-14 16:51:40 <d3r1ck> tybanash: Okay :)
782018-09-14 16:53:28 <d3r1ck> I'm a big fan of the learning by doing principle tybanash
792018-09-14 16:53:50 <d3r1ck> so yes prepare and next year you'll be good I guess
802018-09-14 16:54:00 <d3r1ck> So any aspiring GSoCers?
812018-09-14 16:54:17 <d3r1ck> opentechno: What are you plans?
822018-09-14 16:54:26 <d3r1ck> *your
832018-09-14 16:56:13 <opentechno> d3r1ck: I am going to prepare for next year if possible
842018-09-14 16:57:23 ** ACHIJA joined channel
852018-09-14 16:57:34 <ACHIJA> hello
862018-09-14 16:57:45 <ACHIJA> bonjour ma famille wiki
872018-09-14 16:58:17 <ACHIJA> j'espère que je suis au rendez vous
882018-09-14 16:58:34 <opentechno> ACHIJA: Welcome, do you speak English a little?
892018-09-14 16:58:51 <d3r1ck> ACHIJA: Hey!
902018-09-14 16:59:01 <d3r1ck> ACHIJA: Bonjour
912018-09-14 16:59:11 <d3r1ck> ACHIJA: Oui
922018-09-14 16:59:28 <d3r1ck> So no questions around GSoC, but feel free to join the channel anytime and poke me
932018-09-14 16:59:30 <d3r1ck> I'm always around
942018-09-14 16:59:32 <ACHIJA> yes
952018-09-14 16:59:40 <d3r1ck> Except on very rare cases :)
962018-09-14 17:00:45 <d3r1ck> To read more about GSoC, see here:
972018-09-14 17:01:08 <opentechno> ACHIJA: Can you speak English, please?
982018-09-14 17:01:51 <tybanash> d3r1ck: ok
992018-09-14 17:01:52 <d3r1ck> opentechno: I think s(he) said yes
1002018-09-14 17:01:59 <opentechno> ACHIJA: it is the language used here
1012018-09-14 17:02:21 <d3r1ck> We'll try to see if we can support more languages in the future
1022018-09-14 17:03:27 <opentechno> d3r1ck: I prefer that we speak English to improve our level
1032018-09-14 17:04:23 <tybanash> Please can we go back to the agenda, time is running out
1042018-09-14 17:04:24 <d3r1ck> opentechno: Okay!
1052018-09-14 17:04:34 <opentechno> d3r1ck: I will not participate GSC this year
1062018-09-14 17:04:35 <d3r1ck> Sure! We'll be a little fast
1072018-09-14 17:04:52 <d3r1ck> Next agenda point:
1082018-09-14 17:04:54 <d3r1ck> Technical Issues faced and pending patches for review if available
1092018-09-14 17:05:02 <d3r1ck> So anyone facing technical issues, questions, ask them
1102018-09-14 17:05:13 <opentechno> d3r1ck: I ought grow my skills
1112018-09-14 17:05:29 <wikibugs> Africa-Wikimedia-Developers, Developer-Advocacy: Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #10 - (D3r1ck01)
1122018-09-14 17:05:30 <d3r1ck> opentechno: Okay!
1132018-09-14 17:05:41 <opentechno> d3r1ck: And me prepared for next year GSC
1142018-09-14 17:06:26 <africanhope> opentechno: nice
1152018-09-14 17:06:51 <d3r1ck> opentechno: Great!
1162018-09-14 17:06:52 <africanhope> by the way, welcome ACHIJA
1172018-09-14 17:06:59 <d3r1ck> Any technical issues? Ask ask ask
1182018-09-14 17:07:31 <africanhope> d3r1ck: Are we still on point 2?
1192018-09-14 17:07:32 <d3r1ck> Though we can also make use of the mailing list, post your questions there too and you'll get replies for sure :)
1202018-09-14 17:07:37 <d3r1ck> africanhope: Point 3 :)
1212018-09-14 17:07:50 <ACHIJA> thank
1222018-09-14 17:08:02 <africanhope> d3r1ck: thanks mate
1232018-09-14 17:08:11 <ACHIJA> africanhope thank
1242018-09-14 17:08:14 <d3r1ck> sure, :)
1252018-09-14 17:08:29 <d3r1ck> We've got a project you can contribute to in order to warm up a little
1262018-09-14 17:08:37 <d3r1ck> maybe africanhope, share with them the stats tool?
1272018-09-14 17:08:46 <tybanash> The technical issue I have is that I tried to clone mediawiki core, did not succeed . What can I do from here?which command should I use please?
1282018-09-14 17:08:50 <d3r1ck> And how they can add themselves to the contributors.json file for tracking their changes?
1292018-09-14 17:09:13 <africanhope> d3r1ck: lets handle tybanash stuff first and we'll move on if you don't mind
1302018-09-14 17:09:29 <africanhope> (otherwise you plan sounds good d3r1ck)
1312018-09-14 17:09:43 <d3r1ck> tybanash: This tutorial is a life saver:
1322018-09-14 17:09:56 <d3r1ck> Did you try it?
1332018-09-14 17:10:02 <d3r1ck> africanhope: Okay!
1342018-09-14 17:10:25 <tybanash> d3r1ck: that’s what I’ve been using
1352018-09-14 17:10:54 <opentechno> tybanash: You must get the authorization like super user to execute this command
1362018-09-14 17:11:38 <opentechno> tybanash: Use the link that D3rick given you
1372018-09-14 17:12:19 <d3r1ck> tybanash: Seems you don't have write permission to that directory
1382018-09-14 17:12:49 <d3r1ck> So you'll need to make sure you've got the permission to write in that directory so your clone command can work
1392018-09-14 17:13:17 <d3r1ck> If you're on linux, you can use the "chmod" command to make the directory writable
1402018-09-14 17:13:36 <tybanash> Am on windows
1412018-09-14 17:14:01 <d3r1ck> tybanash: Hmmm... You can run some Google searches but this is a starting point:
1422018-09-14 17:14:35 <d3r1ck> tybanash:
1432018-09-14 17:14:43 <d3r1ck> tybanash:
1442018-09-14 17:14:53 <d3r1ck> Those will do the trick, but revert in case of more help :)
1452018-09-14 17:16:19 <tybanash> d3r1ck: thank you
1462018-09-14 17:17:25 <d3r1ck> Sure!
1472018-09-14 17:18:40 <d3r1ck> Any other technical difficulties?
1482018-09-14 17:19:55 <africanhope> If none I will share some few stuffs to get your hands dirty :)
1492018-09-14 17:19:56 <tybanash> That’s all from my end
1502018-09-14 17:21:14 <africanhope> Good
1512018-09-14 17:21:14 <d3r1ck> Okay
1522018-09-14 17:21:21 <africanhope> d3r1ck: May I go ahead?
1532018-09-14 17:21:26 <d3r1ck> Sure sure!
1542018-09-14 17:21:53 <africanhope> A quick round of info for you folks! Listen :)
1552018-09-14 17:21:57 <africanhope> Our monthly statistics tool was moved from Github and is now official hosted on Gerrit
1562018-09-14 17:22:27 <africanhope> The good part is that, there are a couple of improvements to be made
1572018-09-14 17:23:34 <africanhope> First of all here is the link to the tool for those wondering
1582018-09-14 17:24:32 <d3r1ck> reminds we've got 6 more mins!
1592018-09-14 17:24:59 <africanhope> For your work to be tracked you need to clone the project, add you name to the contributors.json and submit a patch.
1602018-09-14 17:24:59 <ACHIJA> bye
1612018-09-14 17:25:15 <africanhope> A guide is available here :
1622018-09-14 17:25:39 <opentechno> africanhope: Thanks
1632018-09-14 17:26:23 <africanhope> Finally, there are some easy related to this tool. If you want to work on them checkout the Phabricator dashboard:
1642018-09-14 17:27:11 <africanhope> As mentioned above, there are a couple of not too complicated stuffs like writing python test code, etc.
1652018-09-14 17:27:42 <africanhope> Make sure to check the Phabricator dashboard to learn more and ping either d3r1ck or africanhope in this IRC channel if you need help.
1662018-09-14 17:27:49 <africanhope> d3r1ck: I am done!
1672018-09-14 17:28:29 <africanhope> reminds we've got 2 mins!
1682018-09-14 17:29:26 <africanhope> d3r1ck: ?
1692018-09-14 17:29:51 <africanhope> I will go on and close in 1 min with the last point.
1702018-09-14 17:30:30 <africanhope> ACHIJA Ange_237 mukaram opentechno tybanash
1712018-09-14 17:30:54 <d3r1ck> africanhope: conclude please
1722018-09-14 17:30:55 <opentechno> africanhope: Okay
1732018-09-14 17:31:11 <africanhope> If you need some support when working on patches or installing stuff, make sure to use this IRC channel.
1742018-09-14 17:31:44 <africanhope> The IRC channel is our main way to collaborate, therefore please make sure to familiarize yourself with it and ping us anytime for help.
1752018-09-14 17:32:12 <africanhope> d3r1ck: or I will be more than happy to assist you. But remember you need to step up and reach out to us here.
1762018-09-14 17:32:37 <africanhope> Thank you all for your time and dedication.
1772018-09-14 17:32:46 <africanhope> d3r1ck: I am letting you close
1782018-09-14 17:33:41 <tybanash> Ok
1792018-09-14 17:34:37 <d3r1ck> Okay everyone
1802018-09-14 17:34:38 <africanhope> Thank you again for attending this meeting ACHIJA Ange_237 mukaram opentechno tybanash
1812018-09-14 17:35:00 <d3r1ck> \o/
1822018-09-14 17:35:14 <d3r1ck> Meeting officially closed and thanks d3r1ck and africanhope for hosting
1832018-09-14 17:35:18 <opentechno> bye bye, see you soon
1842018-09-14 17:35:20 <d3r1ck> Thank everyone for attending :)
1852018-09-14 17:35:25 <d3r1ck> sneaks out!

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