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Misaligned or Overflow picture of pictured popular Wikidata item on
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While browsing the Wikidata website, it was noticed that there was an issue with rendering the pictured popular Wikidata item because the number of popular data items for this particular day is small (just 2) making the "popular items" card small to contain the picture (of the particular featured item). See picture below;

Steps to reproduce is very temporal;

  • Visit
  • scroll down a little and check the card that says "Popular items" (it's usually green)
  • Note that it must be 2 or less items with at least 1 which is pictured

Maybe this should be looked into as it's making the UI really noisy?

Event Timeline

Normally, there are 7 "popular items".
Today's update has only 2 items because the Wiki replicas on Toolforge have a lag of many hours.

Thanks a lot @Pasleim for your response. Do you think it will be good if such a case is handled? So that maybe a default size of the card should be a little above that of the picture so that if there is a pictured item, the image can fit?

Seems like the span that tries to clear the image floating isn't included in the processed code...

<span> is an inline element, it won’t clear anything… It could be changed to a <div>, but instead I prepared a more general solution involving TemplateStyles on the box template’s talk page; now we’re waiting for an admin to act. @Pasleim, @Sjoerddebruin: maybe one of you?