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Edit by bot dated 3 September 2017 points to wrong link
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The old link was archived by the publisher. It should replace the link bot suggested, because that does not display correctly or there are multiple sub-area which is very hard to use. It seems to recreate the original multiperson data I guess. The publisher's archived link shows table data for a single person, and that is enough in the case of the page bot tried to deal with the deadlink.

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HI @Omotecho, thanks for the bug report and your efforts to fix broken weblinks on Wikipedia!

The InternetArchiveBot only adds archive snapshots of the original website and does not add replacement references, even though the latter might seem very useful in many cases. The reason for this is that just because a replacement reference link might work in one context, it doesn't necessarily work in the other. Imagine a sentence such as

The tower in ArchiveCity is the biggest tower in the world.<ref>[ About ArchiveCity]</ref>

where perhaps the website link could be replaced with a link to But there might be another article which uses the same original URL, e.g.

ArchiveCity has 450,452 inhabitants.<ref>[ About ArchiveCity]</ref>

where the replacement likely would not work. Therefore, this work needs to be done by human editors who understand the context. However, in some cases a (supervised) bot might help to fix large quantities of broken links.

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