Magic word returning protection expiry


Kind of follow-up to bug:9947, it would be very practical to have variables returning the expiration date for a protection, e.g. {{PROTECTIONEXPIRY:edit}}, and returning indefinite if the protection is indefinite.

Expiries are often forgotten in protection templates, or wrongly applied. This would make the precision of expiry automated.

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Severity: enhancement

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lunasantin wrote:

(patched against r63544)

Submitting a patch that adds {{#protexpiry:<action>}} to Extension:ParserFunctions

Outputs a timestamp if the page is protected ("infinity" if protection is indef), or an empty string if the page is not currently protected.

As a side note, this is my first patch submission. Be gentle?

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lunasantin wrote:

patched against r64623

Submitting a revised patch, per feedback from #mediawiki

Change is now made in CoreParserFunctions.php, so that protectionexpiry will be next to and in the same style as the pre-existing protectionlevel function.

Attached: protectionexpiry.patch

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sumanah wrote:

Luna, I apologize for the wait! Thanks for the patch. Are you interested in updating it and in using developer access to directly suggest it into our Git source control system?

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I'll submit a patch based on lunasantin's.

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Change 255717 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cenarium):
Add magic word for protection expiry

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