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{{subst:}} no new line restriction
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Normally you cannot enter new lines end of pages but you can do that by using {{subst:}}


page 1 (blank):

page 2:

(a lot of new lines)


So when you subst page 2 to page 1 it'll be full of new lines and nothing else. And when you for example look diff it says no changes made.

Example on fiwiki, look for Fiwiki-tools-bot's edits when it cleans the sandbox.

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Change 431320 had a related patch set uploaded (by 4shadoww; owner: 4shadoww):
[mediawiki/core@master] Trim whitespaces from the end of the text

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@4shadoww: The patch in Gerrit needs some more work (test case coverage). Do you still plan to work on this? Asking as you are set as task assignee. Thanks!

No plans to work on this. Removed myself from assignee.