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Access to usergroups for Marshall Miller
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Hi --

I'm a full-time WMF product manager, and I would like to do some of my own data work, under the watchful sponsorship of @mpopov. I would like to be in the analytics-privatedata-users and researchers groups.

As a full-time employee, I believe I've signed the right NDA, and I have also signed this document:

My Wikitech username is "MMiller" and my public key is:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAACAQDNPlFL254lviLfkoOv+E8qTftETMs2dDt5VJQwlHeDKmadd46U2Yd71UUR+GviN5zs6RBnb5NGTABhIOZ+XgRTq+Rjzz0hC1O0YrbTBofN3vp4/rxiYxOoE3sfJRDHVG2daKePMAA12vX/W1slqWF1BWeV5/r61gvcVBHq98GbqQ4cl1h+A2Y/xJTwZy6toarj+uN75T8XlmRxyiLd4UEmAvaS3W6cL02VJL2cooSt352ah3Jn1Nafti9nUReXl7+b0N3FnTSX8SDFrmfnRoxuvjx+/xI5ALCUbODFqosjJCJ0IqzVFvuOJ++eJAsNX/oh3E99D0HkKbFsb3bCN5bYZPFYWI2hVP5K9BFURLpmWFCCzO+kE2bub/ekyo/jLRHfRK2eDCvxSaYRU1XM7OMXCGZ3FjuvY0nLVEDr022rs4YolQeiinstVEdNIOCPSxAbTqYvmQdWs4pnh8riJoGLca85YobfUzm3IX8qDlOXfQZewERJSSkKY4z++b7Np3+goQ6wEo57cp5K7i81/18jawId58ESEQ3TnoTUuY6ibobTRBxfSUdW+JAOQlapJldemw1QtS3yK17CLP5PO9LMJCqVgGROO/YRUTwaL8pA7fcq3xoubUXDhLBeNlsFuddteQUbpsCsG5ymh4gxEhASmHCvSULYEbHFoHnanfSJnQ==

@DannyH -- as my manager, could you please approve my access?

Thank you, and please let me know what else is needed,


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I approve Marshall's access.

Approved on my end too.

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Change 433083 had a related patch set uploaded (by Herron; owner: Herron):
[operations/puppet@production] admin: add mmiller to analytics-privatedata-users and researchers

Change 433083 merged by Herron:
[operations/puppet@production] admin: add mmiller to analytics-privatedata-users and researchers

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Ok @MMiller_WMF, you should be good to go! In case you haven't seen them already, there are instructions at explaining how to set up your ssh client to jump through one of our bastion hosts when accessing the prod environment. Once that is set up you should be able to ssh as user mmiller to the relevant systems. For example stat1005.eqiad.wmnet

I'll transition this task to resolved now, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to follow up!

Thank you! I'm in.

@herron @Ottomata -- I would like to use to query Hadoop, but it looks like my Wikitech login doesn't get me in there. Is there another login that I need?

Thank you,


Done, try now! Use your shell username (mmiller) and your wikitech/ldap password.

Thanks @Ottomata -- it's working.

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