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Monobook action tabs are off one pixel in certain browsers
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In the Monobook skin, under IE and Opera, the borders of the tabs (edit, move etc. - with the exception of the currently active tab) on top of the article don't quite attach to the block below - there is a small gap (one pixel with usual em sizes). Hard to notice, but it is rather ugly once you do.

Under Opera, #p-cactions { margin-top: 1px; } seems to fix it, and under IE 6, #p-cactions a { padding-bottom: 1px; } works.

(Tested under IE6, Opera 9.63, Opera 10 beta on Win XP. The problem also appears on IE7, but the fix was not tested there.)

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Confirming, still happens on Opera 12.15 today.

This is caused by insufficient bottom padding on the tabs (0.1em on normal ones, and for some reason 0.2em on active ones, which is apparently enough) - apparently Opera has slightly different defaults or something.

I'll submit a patch to raise it to something ridiculous like 1em, just in case. This shouldn't cause any issues, as the z-indices are set reasonably on all involved elements.

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