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Relabel hooft to bast3002
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Server hooft (the original bastion) was later renamed to bast3002, but has not yet been physically relabeled.

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@Dzahn bast3002 is going away since it will be replaced with bast3003 do i still have to rename this?

@Papaul No, but i wanted you to know this was open so if you find "hooft" you know that is same as bast3002. If there is a decom ticket for bast3002 it can be merged into this i suggest.


  • decom bast3001 T159480
  • decom bast3002 - had no ticket yet - currently active server - created one by clicking the template T236329
  • decom bast3003 T216199
  • added 'decom bast3003' and 'relabel hooft' to T235805
  • rack/install bast3004 - no ticket yet - suggested name for the new server (the other esams hosts all have rack/install tickets though)

@Papaul created T236329 per template click and merged this into it with a comment