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Blubber: Web From: Choose specific elements from the UI a user wants to have in his/hers docker compose file - Step 1
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As an interested part in Wikibase I want to be able to generate a docker compose file in order to install a wikibase without knowing all the ins and outs of the configuration

Installing a fresh Wikibase needs a lot of knowledge and also requires docker knowledge and yml editing

Acceptance criteria:
GIVEN I am on the blubber wikibase form
WHEN I start the generation process
THEN I can choose which components I want to have in my Wikibase
AND I can click "Next" button to move to the next phase.

List of components:

  • Query Service (SPARQL)
  • Elastic search (cirrus extension)
  • Quick Statements

Each component links to the regarding description page on wiki.

Pull requests (keep the order of pull requests):

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