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File moving error
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Author: mattbisanz

When moving files to new names on enwiki I encountered the following error. The move completes as normal, but the script generates the following error

  • Api error: Unknown error: ``'' - unknownerror

The image description page moves to the new name and leaves a redirect at the old name, but the file itself stays at the old page.

Places it has happened are on are:

With Are you man enough, I was able to move and delete the file and then move the file description page on top of it and restore.

With Vermont Street, when I tried the above, the file undeletion generated the error

Undelete failed; someone else may have undeleted the page first.


Error undeleting file: Unable to write to file "public/archive/a/a4/20070717110943!DSCN7043.JPG": file exists

I restored the image by viewing and downloading the deleted image and then re-uploading it.

With Honey and Jewel I haven't tried anything, so they still need fixing.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Image renaming is disabled pending resolution.

mattbisanz wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

Also happened with

when converting MIME errors.

Error message encountered when doing the above was

Could not find file "$1".

mattbisanz wrote:

Apparently I missed the error message on that one.

Missing files (I suppose they were the reason of failures) are now handled gracefully, see bug 18420.

Error handling is fixed before in r49001.