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wikibugs not reporting any gerrit activity
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Unsure about when this started to happen. Yesterday a patch was submitted and merged as that might be the cause?

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2018-08-15T20:57:26Z] <Hauskatze> restarted gerrit listener (wb2-grrrit) job using documentation at [job was not running, fabric not used ] | T202027

I've followed docs on wikibugs to resubmit the missing wb2-grrrrt job:

/usr/bin/jsub -N wb2-grrrrit -l release=trusty -mem 1G -once -v PYTHONIOENCODING="utf8:backslashreplace" -continuous /data/project/wikibugs/py-wikibugs2/bin/python /data/project/wikibugs/wikibugs2/ --logfile /data/project/wikibugs/grrrrit.log

Please verify if that's correct. Gerrit changes are being re-reported on IRC though.

Thank you.

That looks correct to me. Thank you for resubmitting the job!

MarcoAurelio claimed this task.

Thanks for the review (I am used to more simple jsub commands). Closed as resolved.