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First-class wikitext support for ordered list item value
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Right now, wikitext of the form

# <li value="N">List item content

needs to be added to start an ordered list from a number different from 1.

Under Remex, this outputs as

<li class="mw-empty-elt"></li>
<li value="N">List item content</li>

While skins currently will set the class to display:none, they shouldn't have to for this use case because the parser should probably not output not-great HTML.

It would thus be valuable to have first-class wikitext support for the notion of an ordered list item value. Something like the table syntax might be reasonable from a learnability perspective (with all of its pitfalls of course):

# value="N" | List item content

Such syntax could be extended to other attributes, such as the globals (class, id, etc.).

(Carried on from T50079: Tidy: Numbered list markup with <pre> inbetween creates empty first bullet after <pre> section.)

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