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CentralAuth: Differentiate between manual and automatic account creations in CARCFeed
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Author: mike.lifeguard+bugs

Please add a marker to differentiate these two - most of what we care about is the first time account creations - not the automatic ones after that. If that's done, we can filter things more effectively.

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Severity: enhancement



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A marker where, for what, that looks like what?

mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

A marker where, for what, that looks like what?

Currently, we have:
\x0314[[\x0307User:Mike.lifeguard\x0314]]\x034@enwikibooks\x0310 \x0302\x03 \x035*\x03 \x0303Mike.lifeguard\x03 \x035*\x03

could change to

\x0314[[\x0307User:Mike.lifeguard\x0314]]\x034@enwikibooks\x0310 \x0303A\x03 \x0302\x03 \x035*\x03 \x0303Mike.lifeguard\x03 \x035*\x03

for automatic account creations and

\x0314[[\x0307User:Mike.lifeguard\x0314]]\x034@enwikibooks\x0310 \x0303M\x03 \x0302\x03 \x035*\x03 \x0303Mike.lifeguard\x03 \x035*\x03
for manual.

brion added a comment.Mar 28 2009, 1:19 AM

Adding the fact we're talking about IRC feeds to the summary.

Is this resolved now? There is a new log_action 'autocreate' under log_type 'newusers'.

Doesn't look like it:
<rc-pmtpa> [[Benutzer:Krenair]]@dewikinews * Krenair *
20:08, 22. Feb. 2012 Krenair (Diskussion | Beiträge) Benutzerkonto wurde automatisch erstellt ‎
(Account Krenair was created automatically)

Isn't this feed going away with SUL finalisation?

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