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Archive the ProtectedNotice extension
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  • Extension hasn't been updated in almost a decade; only two wikis are listed as using it on WikiApiary, neither of which is reachable.

The extension's author updated its page in response to my notification, to remove the dead download links. The extension's code is stored on the extension's page; I have no idea if it's in any repository the WMF cares about.

To-do list

  • This task
    • Add maintainers of that extension as subscribers to this task (if they have no apparent Phabricator account, notify them on-wiki or via email if possible and note it here).
    • Add Phabricator project <#ProjectX> as a tag for this task, or MediaWiki-extensions-Other if there is no project.
    • On-wiki documentation
    • Archive documentation on ( replace page contents with {{TNT|Archived extension|last revision id before archiving|reason=archive reasons}}; include a link to this task in the reason parameter. If that documentation was translatable, remove <translate>, visit Special:PageTranslation, and click "remove from translation" (if you don't have the translation administrator right, ask a user who does).
    • Archive Wikidata item associated with documentation page ( (remove nearly all statements, except instance of (P31) = MediaWiki extension (Q6805426), which should add a qualifier end time (P582) = the YYYY-MM-DD date that you decided to archive extension, generally per edit history, change English (and other languages if possible) description to "archived MediaWiki extension" (and its translation)).
    • Phabricator
    • Archive Phabricator project <#ProjectX> for associated extension.
    • Mark all Phabricator tasks for the extension/skin either Declined or Invalid. (no tasks were ever filed for this extension, I think?)
    • Edit Phabricator project <#ProjectX> description for associated extension with a link to this ticket.
    • Remove from (groups/MediaWiki/mediawiki-extensions.txt).
    • Configuration/tests/integrations/etc.
    • Remove from mediawiki/extensions (along with in .gitmodules).
    • Remove tests in [[ | integration/config ]] (zuul/layout.yaml).
    • Remove manifest/other references from mediawiki/vagrant if they exist.
    • Remove from if present (requires Continuous-Integration-Infrastructure shell user to delete directly from the server).
    • Repositories
    • Empty repository and add an ARCHIVED file.
    • Archive the extension's diffusion repository: (provide the Diffusion repository callsign or URL).
    • Mark the repository read-only in Gerrit: (provide Gerrit Repository URL).
    • Delete the GitHub mirror: (provide GitHub repository URL).

Event Timeline

MediaWiki does now warn whether a page is protected when you try to edit it. Does this extension do anything else appart from that?

Also, calling people "dumb users" on doesn't look right to me. If the extension is kept, that should be removed.

Does this extension do anything else appart from that?

The extension's code is visible on its page; it doesn't look like the extension does anything else, but I don't speak much PHP. =)

Kizule subscribed.

Extension repository is not hosted on Wikimedia Repository tools like Gerrit, Phabricator Diffusion. This extension doesn`t have repository on GitHub affilated to Wikimedia.

This extension is not translatable on, don`t have integration test and etc.. So I closing this task as declined.