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[BUG] CC license link string seems weird
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When you try to input "How did you improve this article?" in the window after tapping "Next" of mobile edit screen, CC license link string seems showing a variable as it is (%#@v0@). See attached screenshot.

Preferred behavior:
That should be replaced with a proper message.

App ver.
Wikipedia iOS app 6.0.1 (1487). Preferred language is set as Japanese.

IMG_0418.PNG (1×640 px, 179 KB)

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Takot renamed this task from CC license link string seems weird to [BUG] CC license link string seems weird.Sep 15 2018, 2:51 AM

My iOS-device is set to English, my interface is in English, despite editing on Japanese Wikipedia and setting Japanese as a prefered language. And for me it looks fine. So this is something wrong with the interface localization translations.

Tested on iPhone 8
iOS 12.0 (16A366)
Wikipedia 6.0.1 (1487)
Preferred language Japanese
Device language English

Will edits made with the iOS app (from the time of the issue starting until the issue is fixed) need to be checked with WMF legal if they can be kept, due to the user never saw or technically read that they agree to license the edits under the CC license?

@Josve05a Thanks for testing! As I'm a translator on translatewiki, I could fix it if you point out which of the strings is relevant.

I searched with the word "%#@v0@" but the result is none.
This is why I created this task.

@Josve05a Using iPhone X same iOS 12.0 and same iOS app version, it looks like that if I don't use any languages that use Latin script as device language, then any languages that used in iOS app will show many kinds of mojibakes (don't surprise, if I use Traditional Chinese in app, using Simplified Chinese in device, it shows nearly all tofus)

My "guesstimate": this is probably an Upstream issue, that should be reported to apple support.

LGoto triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 23 2019, 8:31 PM
LGoto moved this task from Product Backlog to Bug Backlog on the Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog board.

With 6.2.2 (1605), current edit confirmation does not show that bug. License notice is translated properly.

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