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Move Thumbor Plugins code review from Differential to Gerrit
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It looks like the code for Thumbor extensions currently lives in rTHMBREXT Thumbor Plugins.
Should be moved to Gerrit as per T191182.

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Gilles updated the task description. (Show Details)
Gilles updated the task description. (Show Details)
Gilles subscribed.

@Aklapper who should I assign the second step to?

Hmm, I'd hope that Release-Engineering-Team knows. Looking at this task again now I'm not sure anymore if all items in the task summary are correct, as it seems that all subtasks of T191182: Migrate active repositories in Phabricator Differential to GitLab differ in their task descriptions. :-/

greg subscribed.

#repo-admins should be able to do all the needed things

I've done the admin part, just waiting for the Phabricator daemon to catch up and pull/import the latest commit from Gerrit. I did prioritise it.

Well it's done, though Harbormaster is still running there.

I've removed meta-ci-jessie from it so it shouldn't do that now.