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Move .plainlinks declaration to common stylesheets
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Icons are added to links in skins other than monobook (modern and simple). Ergo, plainlinks needs also to be availalbe in those skins. Ergo, it should be moved from monobook/main.css to common/shared.css.

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: enhancement



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proposals would be:

.plainlinks a {
background: none !important;
padding: 0 !important;

This would however require that the skins set their specificity different. That would need to be tested at least.
Alternative is:

#content .plainlinks a,
#mw_content .plainlinks a {
background: none !important;
padding: 0 !important;

The !important is needed because the assigning of icons actually happens at a LATER time (the skins), and would thus override this "global" class. wrote:

Moves .plainlinks to common stylesheets

The !important declarations are *not* required, only that the override has a higher specificity than the original asignations. Simply adding "div#ID" will work.

Patch, tested on FF3; no reason I'm aware of why it shouldn't work in anything capable of adding the icons in the first place. The patch *itself* might be dodgy; I've got a huge amount of stuff going on on my svn checkout ATM, so it was cut-and-pasted together from a couple of different diffs, with irrelevant bits cut out. It should apply, though. The *content* of the changes has been tested.


I just realized that both the old and the patched way don't define plainlinks for print.. wrote:

But that's a separate issue; as Derk notes, both the old and new code has the problem, so it's not a regression. It should definitely be *fixed* (by adding the same declaration to CommonPrint.css) but that doesn't affect the ease-of-resolution of *this* bug.

This revision should probably be added to acaifix and wmf-deployment