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Magic word for {{CREATETIMESTAMP}}
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So now we have the magic words REVISIONUSER as well as REVISIONTIMESTAMP, etc. and these are really useful.

I would like to request a similar magic words for the user who created a page and the time that it was created. They might be called CREATEUSER and CREATETIMESTAMP.

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T46494: Request new magic word {{PAGECREATOR}} for {{CREATEUSER}}'s equivalent

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Any news about this? I am now having the need to recall just one user of the many who edited the page (usually the creator of the page) to indicate him/her as the main author of that page.

Maybe it could be done using the parser function Revision user and the special page Permanentlink. Something like this:


This seems like a bad idea. The original creator is by no means guaranteed to be the "main author of the page". The CC license doesn't allow crediting a subset of authors any way; you should probably be linking to the full list of authors. See

Hi cscott and thanks for your answer. I didn't specify that my need is related to my wiki that it is not connected to Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects. Some articles on my wiki are written by one author and I want to highlight his/her name on the top of the page; I would like to use the REVISIONUSER variable (or create another one, but I am not able, unfortunately), but then if another user edit also only one comma the name of author on the top of the page changes. I could do it manually without using any variable, but it doesn't seem very smart to me.

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