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Purge the necessary Wikimedia pages immediately when an edit is reverted on Wikidata
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As a user I want to see vandalism immediately reverted on the Wikimedia projects when I revert it on Wikidata in order to prevent misinformation and bad press.

Problem: In some cases, vandalism on Wikidata is reverted but the Wikimedia pages, mostly Wikipedia articles, that show content from Wikidata continue providing the old version for hours until they are manually purged. These pages can be tens, hundreds, thousands...

Example:, described on



Acceptance criteria:

  • All reversions on Wikidata are immediately propagated to, at least, those Wikimedia pages that use some of the reverted data.
  • If technically convenient, an immediate propagation of the rest of edits should not be forced. This contributes to reducing the time each bad edit is visible on Wikipedia and, therefore, to reducing the probability of providing misinformation to occasional readers.

Open questions:

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abian triaged this task as Low priority.Jan 3 2019, 4:22 PM

This only seems to be happening from time to time.

This seems to be the same or similar to T220829 (Wikidata edit (rollback) not propagated to Wikipedia after 10 days)

I have no news that this is happening right now, and I assume that, thanks to Wikidata-Bridge, this will be under control from now on.