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[Epic] data quality and trust
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We need to improve the data quality on Wikidata and the trust in the data on Wikidata. This is a tracking bug for several possible improvements.

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Lydia_Pintscher renamed this task from data quality and trust to [Epic] data quality and trust.Aug 13 2015, 2:33 PM

@Lydia_Pintscher: can this task be closed (and all subtask migrated) as we have a project for this?

Yes let's do that.
Please add new tickets to Wikidata data quality and trust now.

Bugreporter removed subtasks: T116923: It should be possible to "protect" statements by enforcing sources, T231728: Show warning icon if statement value is changed but reference is not changed in the same edit, T213630: allow abuse filter to see if a value is changed without changing the reference of a statement, T226883: Semi-protection of very used Wikidata Items, T222274: Fix and prevent duplicate claims on Wikidata entities, T214331: Auto-add mandatory qualifiers on Wikidata web interface, T220875: Make use of constraints when suggesting statements to add, T218477: Prevent (or list) musical notation with syntax errors, T212869: Make it impossible to set the same content in the same language for label and description, T211355: Monitor the temporal falsifiability of people in Wikidata, T209243: Protection of classes of Wikidata items based on attributes of their statements, T189412: Granular protection for wikidata items, T207651: Purge the necessary Wikimedia pages immediately when an edit is reverted on Wikidata, T207648: If users can't edit a Wikipedia article, don't encourage them to edit its Wikidata item, T205783: protection level propagation, T173119: Implement more nuanced patrolling relevant changes in Wikidata based on usage, T127470: Deploy item quality classification model for Wikidata, T157774: Make it impossible to set the same content in the same language for label and alias, T156389: automatic sourcing of existing Wikidata statements (expanding an existing scripts), T47224: [Story] Custom edit summaries, T139583: [Story] "citation needed" for Wikidata, T108292: Concept for feeding back data quality issues to data providers and getting feedback from data consumers, T138708: [Epic] Signed statements, T138163: Language fallback should be optional, T131661: [Story] Support for citoid in Wikidata, T59566: Remove assumption that label equals title from linkItem, T110193: [Story] Show label instead of URI for globes in coordinate diffs, T97017: [Story] Export missing references to primary sources tool, T102840: [Story] Disallow URIs to non-Item pages in unit/globe/calendar values, T106306: [Story] API module for retrieving diffs between entity revisions (wbentitydiff), T103817: [Epic] version 2 of the quality extensions, T87263: [Bug] do not allow adding non-existent images in statements, T92722: improve diffs for geocoordinates, T75225: give indication when description gets too long, T90879: adapt machine learning tools to Wikidata for spam and vandalism fighting, T90881: Framework for checking sources on Wikidata (Does the source actually say what we claim it says?), T90872: create a notification service based on Wikidata data (Squee), T90435: [Epic] Wikidata watchlist improvements (client), T87854: allow showing captchas on Wikibase , T87533: investigate improvements to threshold for reference suggestions, T86515: improving constraint reports, T86514: validation through external databases, T60716: css classes for different kinds of edit summaries, T45044: [Task] Edit auto summary not substituted in email notification, T75272: Time-Parser should detect most likely calendar, T47252: Add wb_action abusefilter variable to specify the actual action taken, T72715: AbuseFilter doesn't log creating redirects in mainspace, T41150: [Story] Create Special:EmptyItems, T47537: [Bug] AbuseFilter warnings not triggered when creating an item, T53044: [Task] Change the display of the title of talk pages of items and properties, T54672: [Story] Watchlist and recent changes should show label for talk page changes too, T65632: AbuseFilter *_links variables incorrect on item edits., T59918: [Story] show diffs for ordering changes, T63662: "unknown value" and "no value" in diff should be italic, T77972: [Story] Always show P248 (stated in), P854 (reference URL) and P813 (date of retrieval) when adding sources, T59843: [Story] Improve the listing and classification of properties, T55247: History and diff pages should show labels of properties and items in edit summaries, T50440: Changes on Wikidata should update the notification timestamp on the client, T76213: Lua: Create a mw.wikibase.renderSnak method for rendering arbitrary Snaks, T42358: [Epic] Wikidata changes in article history, T76233: [Story] Make it possible to easily clone an existing reference from the same item, T76232: [Story] nudge when editing a statement to check reference, T76231: [Story] nudge editors to add a reference when adding a new claim, T46874: [Epic] Full support for wikibase edits in enhanced changes format ("Group changes by page in recent changes and watchlist" [usenewrc]), T67846: wbeditentity: try to use appropriate autocomment instead of the generic one, T76229: [Story] create demo infoboxes.Jul 11 2022, 11:16 AM