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[Story] Support for citoid in Wikidata
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It should be much easier to add references on Wikidata than it is now.

On Wikipedia, the visual editor has integration with citoid, allowing to paste a link into the dialog and then citoid can fill out other details (e.g. author) automatically. It also has the option to reuse references from a page, along with the manual option. It should be possible to make something like this work for Wikidata.

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Ideally it might be nice to have Citoid's format be the same as Wikidata's reference format… Maybe. :-)

Here's a partial matching of Zotero types to citoid types:

Presumably you'd want to just start with journalArticle and just discard or coerce other itemTypes for the time being.

@aude I'm assuming you are coming to WikiCite?

@Jdforrester-WMF ideally I would like there to be a wikibase format in Citoid and want to work in that direction.

not sure if I will be at wikicite...

@VIGNERON is looking for a demo. Is it alive anywhere? :)

@aude can you please publish what you have so far?

Hi @aude --

Please let me know if you need a citation obsessed Wiki editor to do beta testing as a relative newbie Wikidatan. I have done beta testing on systems before.

I would be happy to provide assistance if it would be helpful!

– Erika aka BrillLyle

Curious if it would be possible to have whatever is currently working in Wiki Markup (the magnifier/lookup button) that does a lookup function -- and have inter-operability with Wikidata -- in addition to making Citoid work with Visual Editor? Basically could we have whatever works with Visual Editor also work with the old school Wiki Markup?

I use Wiki Markup for all the templates and the granularity with citations, so I would be grateful for this, if it's possible.

– Erika

@BrillLyle Not sure what you mean by inter-operability with Wikidata or how it might relate to this ticket, but if you're looking for URL → wiki markup (via Citoid lookup), have you tried User:Salix alba/Citoid.js? I have my own rudimentary replacement, but I need more info on editor preferences/workflow if I am to clean it up and make it public. If you're interested, you can leave me a detailed talk page message about your usual process of adding references to your work (do you generate refs separately, do you prefer to write first and add refs later, etc.)

whatever is currently working in Wiki Markup (the magnifier/lookup button)

This is refToolBar. It is hardcoded into the wikieditor, so it only works on en wiki: T94223

The editing team is working on a modern editor for wikitext that would allow citoid to work in wikitext in all languages: T130400

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by interoperability with wikidata; do you mean be able to use citations on wikidata on wikipedias? I have an old ideas lab that might interest you:

But essentially, in order to use wikidata directly on wikipedias, we minimally need citation templates that use wikidata, which we don't have.

I am also desperate for the ability to improve manually adding citations to Wikidata. I've done testing before and used to be a tech writer, so if anyone still needs a roadmap of how users would use this tool I can write something up.

This is part of next year's annual budget for WMF (starting July 1st, in 2 days!) - @aude we should probably schedule a time to talk if possible, is there anyone else you think should also be involved from Wikimedia DE? Particularly for the extension bit (T196353) there are some fairly important infrastructure decisions to be made, so I'd like to discuss those with at least a few folks who are very familiar with wikibase since I'm not familiar with it at all. In particular, we need a system to match citoid parameters to wikidata and I need to know if there's a practical way to do this using existing infrascruture (properties/items) or if new infrastructure needs to be built.