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Show warning icon if statement value is changed but reference is not changed in the same edit
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As an editor I want to make correct edits in order to not mess up the data in Wikidata.

When changing the value without changing the reference I do not get a notice that I potentially made a mistake. We should give you a hint.


GIVEN I edit a statement value (that has been there since loading the page)
AND it is enabled on my wiki by a global config switch
AND the statement already has one or more references
AND I didn’t alter any of the reference snacks of any of the references in any way
WHEN I click save
THEN I see a warning icon (like mid-level constraints) next to the reference heading

GIVEN The icon is visible
WHEN I click edit
THEN the icon disappears

GIVEN The icon is visible
WHEN I refresh
THEN the icon disappears

Acceptance criteria:

  • Changing the value of a statement without changing any part of any reference triggers a warning.
  • This should be behind a config switch
  • The hover text (title) of the link element is “This statement has some potential issues”

UX Warn:

  • although the task says "icon" and the mockups show indeed an Icon @Jan_Dittrich wants to make sure that everyone is aware that the mockups are not final yet and it could be other type of icon or other thing. 80 % chances say it will be an icon.

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@Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE could you point me to the current constraint violation icons? I think we should use them.

suggestion, non-mandatory, mandatory – I’m not sure if it would be a good idea to reuse the same icons, though.

good idea to reuse the same icons, though.

good point. What would would be the problems in your eyes?

I’m worried that users might be confused if the constraint violation icons now mean something potentially different… but I have no idea how they’re currently perceived, perhaps users already think of them as general problem indicators.

That said – it probably would be technologically unfeasible to include the tainted reference warnings in the same popup as the constraint violations; I think it’s more likely that there might be two icons side-by-side (one for constraints, one for tainted references). In that case, it would look weird if the two icons were identical. (But perhaps I’m making too many assumptions about tainted references and they would actually look completely different?)

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This looks good from my side. One minor thing I noticed when comparing to constraints is that the horizontal alignment is different between text and icon. Comparison screenshots:

tainted reference:

constraint violation:

Is that intentional or an oversight?

Is that intentional or an oversight?

Not intentional. The mid of the e and the longest horizontal cut through the of the circle should be about on the same vertical position.

@Sarai-WMDE is link you can follow to see if the story looks done to you :)

Hey, @Tarrow. I just finished checking the edit interaction in beta: the behaviour seems to fully match the logic defined in the BDD, as well as the 1st and 3rd ACs (the ones I can check). I would consider the story done from an interaction standpoint.

Woo Hoo! I'll move it to done and resolve it :)