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Design a logo for FormWizard Extension.
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After a careful look at the FormWizard extension documentation, it is seen that it will be nice to have an logo on the page instead of an image which shows the layout of a sample dialog of how the extension works.

We are looking for a logo which will be used on the extension documentation page to replace the image which is used at the moment. Any suggested idea should go. The design could be done in anyway *but* should reflect the purpose of the FormWizard extension which is clearly described in the documentation page above.

  • Submissions must be free and must not include any non-free materials. Please mention the license under which you put the file (such as a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0). You can not re-use another author's design work, except for when it is under a CC-0 license.
  • The design must be submitted as a vector .svg file (which can be resized without pixellation). The design must not include any bitmap graphics (examples for bitmap file formats: PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, WEBM, etc).
  • Upload your design here in the corresponding Phabricator task. (If you do not have a Wikimedia Phabricator account yet, create one!)

Submit your design and it might be appear in the extension documentation page.

Tags: logo, graphics, community
Type: Design
Instance Count: 10 (better to have many competing designs :) )
Time to Complete: 4 days

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Eugene233 renamed this task from Design an logo for FormWizard Extension. to Design a logo for FormWizard Extension..Nov 1 2018, 9:32 AM
Eugene233 added a project: Google-Code-in-2018.

@Eugene233: I think the author must also provide the license of their work? Which licenses would be appropriate / acceptable?

@Aklapper . I just noticed that i missed that out. Thanks! Hope it all goes fine now...

@Eugene233: If the task description is fine and complete, feel very free to create a task on the GCI site for this! :)

Thanks! :) Opening that file on my non-Windows system I get:

Font 'Arial' substituted with 'Liberation Sans'
Font 'Cambria' substituted with 'Caladea' says that its license is proprietary... I did not check "Arial"...

Also note that the word "informations" does not exist in English language. :)

@Aklapper thanks for seeing this.

I will change informations into was a grammertical mistake........

But i didnt understand about the first issue.....can you explain???

My system does not have the fonts installed which you used in that file. So my system falls back to using other fonts. That also means that your file looks different on my system than on your system. I have not checked how/if I could somehow download that font legally without having to pay for that font. I also just saw that says there is a freely-licensed variation.

Here is my logo
License: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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Before making that available in GCI 2019 I wonder if Eugene233 is happy with what's available already. If not, then this task would need a GCI mentor.

I think it would be nice to re-take this task so we can have a variety to choose from.

License: Zero Public Domain, "No Rights Reserved" (CC0)

The left box with colourful lines and a pink pen represents the form
The magic wand with stars of the right bottom represents the wizard.
Last but not least is the name of FormWizard. I used some old cursive font to make it looks more magical.

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

My logo design for FormWizard.

@Userring Thanks very much for the logo. The logo looks good. Nevertheless, I will suggest we go for something simpler.

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0