Allow Scribus (.sla / .sla.gz) file uploads on Wikimedia


Just sticking this in Bugzilla as a reminder for further possible discussion, since it's been brought up or requested a couple times.

Scribus is an open-source, cross-platform desktop publishing package, which some folks like to use for things like brochures and other PR-type materials. It would be helpful to be able to share work in the original editable format.

The .sla file format is XML based, and can optionally be gzip-compressed direct from the app (saved as .sla.gz).


  • Images can only be included by reference, not embedded. A complete document may require multiple downloads, or else manually zipping up the data set.
  • Scribus files are XML, but there's not a doctype or xmlns requirement on the current version, so they might be harder to verify. (Root element is <SCRIBUSUTF8>.)
  • Quick peek at format refs indicates there's some JavaScript embedding features. Any security issues? Sigh. :P :)

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Apparently people want to use to house these files for now, as no other wiki will allow them to be uploaded. :-)

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