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Special:NewPages to not highlight pages if tagged for deletion, even if unreviewed.
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Per This discussion:'reviewed'_now_that_we_can_filter_them_in_the_NewPagesFeed?

We are going to stop marking CSDs and PRODs as 'reviewed' in the new pages feed, to stop things falling through the cracks if the CSD tags are inappropriately removed or a PROD removal is missed. However, this presents a problem at [[Special:NewPages]], which currently will highlight all 'unreviewed' or 'unpatrolled' pages in yellow, with no filtering feature like [[Special:NewPagesFeed]]. The simple fix is to un-highlight pages tagged for deletion, even if unreviewed.

Ideally this should be added as a filtering option similar to the existing:
Show patrolled edits | Hide bots | Show redirects
buttons. An additional button that toggles "un-highlight tagged for deletion" (toggled on by default) would be ideal. However, if this proves to be too difficult, simply treating pages tagged for deletion as 'reviewed' or 'patrolled' for the purposes at [[Special:NewPages]] will work.

Request is here:,_even_if_unreviewed.

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I believe that the intention is to move away from using Special:NewPages and to use Special:NewPagesFeed, which has the feature of excluding pages tagged for deletion

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removing pagetriage since this is about Special:NewPages and not Special:NewPagesFeed