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Fix large screen New Pages Feed display to save space (remove empty white-space to condense entries)
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There is a lot of wasted space on the new pages feed. When viewed very zoomed in, it is fine (I guess), and makes use of each line on the left due to test that wraps around. When zoomed out however, it fails to remove this extra line of space, and simply makes each box bigger than it needs to be. The three images at (where the problem is also reported at the suggestions page). The third one indicates how the feed could be modified to show more items per page. This would be helpful because it would make it easier to see repeated submissions from the same users, and allow scanning a larger number of pages at the same time.

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Moving this to 'Triaged but future' because many Page Curation tasks are currently part of the 2019 Wishlist Survey

This looks like a CSS issue which should be pretty simple to fix....I'll investigate when I get some time

On investigation, it's a bit more convoluted than I thought it would be...