{{PAGESIZE:...}} returns empty string when top revision of page has no associated revision length
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Author: happy.melon.wiki

<{{PAGESIZE:Foo bar}}>
<{{PAGESIZE:Talk:Fartown Ground, Huddersfield}}>



This can occur either when the top revision is a 'null' revision, noting moves/protections/deletions/etc; or when the top revision is from before the time when rev_len started to be recorded (cf bug12188). The latter is transitory and can be resolved by writing and running the script requested in bug18881; the former needs to be addressed properly.

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: enhancement

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The issue with null revisions was fixed in r44885, which should apply to protection and moves.

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happy.melon.wiki wrote:

I assume that with bug12188, this bug is also fixed.

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