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CX2: "Mark as missing" creates a misleading target title
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When you use the "Mark as missing" button in CX2, the target title is set in a misleading way.

For example, let's imagine the following situation:

  • The Simple English Wikipedia doesn't have the article "Dog".
  • You are translating an article form Catalan into Simple English.
  • Machine translation is enabled.
  • The source wiki syntax is [[gos|ca]] (both words mean "dog" in Catalan).


  • Machine translation is able to translate the Catalan word "ca" to "dog" in English, and sets the target display text to "dog".
  • CX is not able to find a target article, so the link is gray.
  • If the user clicks "Mark as missing", a red link is created, and it looks like "dog".
  • Here's the main problem: The target title remains the same as the target title in the source language.

The resulting wiki syntax will be [[gos|dog]]. This is the least useful result, because "gos" is a word in the source language, and is either meaningless in the target language, or means something else. It would be most useful to make "dog" the target title, or to ask the user more explicitly for the target title.

Currently, to get the correct red link target, the user has to click the link that was created and edit it. Failing to do it creates an article with wrong red links.

The scenario above is somewhat artificial for the sake of simplicity, but it's easy to reproduce this problem with almost every gray link.

Somewhat related: T210308.