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list unsorted pages
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Currently this extension lists sorted pages which are marked by a wikiproject or several, but it would be nice to have a link that takes me to a recently created random page which is not yet sorted, starting from older pages. Not sure whether this is within the scope of this extension or it should be added to another special page but I hope it would be productive and this could also be exposed via API.

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@Gryllida It would be helpful if you can make the task title and description clearer to indicate that you want this functionality in PageAssessments.

As for adding it in the extension, I think it's outside the scope of the special page because this feature does not itself link to the goal of the extension (collect and serve assessments for pages). It would be nice if a gadget or something could do this.

Closing task as declined, as this is outside of the scope of that extension per last comment.