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add search to recent changes, history, contributions views
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The Special:{RecentChanges,Contributions] and ?action=history pages could have a search box with option to search by edit summary, page title, diff content, user name, and date range. I think it would make it a lot easier to navigate.

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This is a UI issue more than a backend issue, but let us know if we can support anything here if a front-end team wants to pick this up.

Hi EBjune,

Is this functionality already available in the API?


No the data is not available in "searchable" way.

@dcausse thanks for marking this as a duplicate. Does T12643 also include searching within recent changes and contributions? These two queries are in this task, but they do not appear to be discussed in the one you linked.

@Gryllida I think these two tickets share the same underlying problematic which is indexing the revision history.
I think it's preferable to have a single ticket that describes all possible use cases that such index would offer so feel free to add the RecentChange usecase to T12643.

As explained on : Only one feature request or problem per task.