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Global account logs aren't updated after global rename
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today I went to and noticed the account should be globally locked since January 2017, which is noted in Special:CentralAuth, but not in (contributions). Even more, the account "continued" to edit.

After that, I noticed redirects to, which looks to be their new username. It's also correctly noted on the contribs page of this acc, see . On the other hand, there's no note on, except "Locked: Yes" - but there should be log.

Because of this, I suspect the lock logs aren't renamed. Could you please investigate this issue?

Martin Urbanec

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This is known issue and there's a task already: T85023

This is known issue and there's a task already: T85023

Sorry, but how are global user rights logs (type gblrights IIRC) relevant to global account log (type globalauth)?

It's mentioned in comment T85023#937090 and lock is also a global user right i guess.

Thanks. says "Include only one problem per task". Those problems are separate, each has separate summary. Even I searched for dupes, you can't expect me reading all comments.

Okay, no problem, but to me it's looks like that it's the same problem due to which those logs aren't being transferred.