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Restore the local copy of the file when the file needs to be deleted on Commons
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The FileExporter/FileImporter extensions import files from local wikis to Wikimedia Commons. After the import, the local community can decide to delete the original local file.
But after deletion on the local wiki, it might turn out that the file needs to be deleted on Commons. That could happen because some US copyright details are tricky (which is why in some communities, human user triple check any file before moving it to Commons).

The wish is for a comfortable way to restore local files when an imported file was deleted on Commons.

Where this issue/wish was mentioned:

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I'm not sure if any of these feedback comments asks for automatic restoring. Village pump comments seem to be about cases where file necessarily wasn't uploaded to local project prior to nominating for deletion on Commons (which is more like T214280).

Does "automatic" mean something like some system account performing undeletions on all local projects or some local projects when some conditions are met? Since there is also a likely scenario that non-free file or file with insufficent author/source info is deleted on Commons and should have been deleted on local project for the same reason, then I'd feel more comfortable if restoring didn't happen automatically. Maybe some sort of bot notification about Commons deletion of a file that previously existed locally would do better, if local community asks for such feature.

@Pikne Thanks for your comments. You're right, "automatic" is not be the best term here. This request, as I understand it, is about a more comfortable way to restore local files. It doesn't need to be automatic, though. I've updated the description accordingly.

thiemowmde subscribed.

I think this is mostly a misunderstanding. There is nothing special about what FileImporter does to the source wiki. The file is deleted (technically only marked as deleted, you know) and can be restored as every other deleted file/page. I don't think it makes sense to create some kind of duplicate of [[Special:Undelete]].