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Table columns out of alignment on "Event List"
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I notice the figures in the table for the Event List pages are not always accurate.

They have a column hanging off the end with no title, and the data in the columns appears to match the header of the column to its left.

It looks as if the columns have been shifted one to the right, but the headers have not been moved. Or, the third column is being duplicated in the fourth column.


For example, see stats from (annotated in screenshot)

event_list_columns_out_of_alignment_annotated.png (613×1 px, 61 KB)

Or the first row of has the same number of participants and new editors (769) but according to the event summary there are 351 new editors for that event.

Event List showing just event 150:

event_list_aftest.png (223×1 px, 18 KB)

Event Summary for event 150:

event_summary_aftest.png (455×1 px, 14 KB)

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MusikAnimal subscribed.

Same issue as T206692#4963802. Recently we started storing the Participants as a stat, so it automatically shows. There was still some code in there that manually showed it, hence the duplication/misalignment.


Okay, ready for review now :) PR:

Note that events created before the time T208546 was merged will need an update, since it's looking for the pre-stored participant count now. I am going to try to write a script to automate this. For testing purposes, just make sure you run "Update data" first :)

Hey @MusikAnimal, go ahead and assign points to this ticket.

I have compared the numbers in the Event List tables against the numbers in the Event Summary (incl. events which were not updated before T208546) for a selection of events. The numbers in all the columns matched (after updating the event's data).