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WDCM_Process.R/WDCM_UpdateLabs.R Deprecation
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WDCM_Process.R/WDCM_UpdateLabs.R will be deprecated as soon as:

  • #T217996 (Refactor WDCM Biases Dashboard updates from WDCM_Process.R/WDCM_UpdateLabs.R), and
  • #T217995 (Refactor WDCM Geo Dashboard updates from WDCM_Process.R/WDCM_UpdateLabs.R)

are resolved.

Event Timeline

  • WDCM_Process.R is now deprecated.
  • Next step: completely remove WDCM_updateLabs.R from the WDCM pipeline.
  • The only two dashboards that now depend upon WDCM_updateLabs.R are
  • (S)itelinks, and
  • (T)itles.

Since all of our dashboards who need an update engine on the CloudVPS side (i.e. those who fetch really large datasets so that it doesn't make any sense making them client-side dependent) now have separate update scripts, the WDCM_updateLabs.R will be refactored into two script (one for (S)itelinks, one for (T)itles) and then deprecated.

  • Deployed everything.

Closing the ticket as resolved.