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Copy and Paste actions dont' work while editing in the Wikipedia Android app 2.7.275-r-2019-03-25
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I reproduced it like this:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Find the article "ASCII".
  3. Tap the pencil, and edit the article.
  4. Highlight some text. A panel appears with COPY, SHARE, EDIT HERE, SELECT ALL. (This is already weird, because I don't expect "Edit here" to be available here.)
  5. Tap COPY. Nothing happens.
  6. Open you SMS messages app. Long-tap and press Paste. The text that you selected in the Wikipedia is not pasted.

This was reported by a Hebrew Wikipedia editor, and I could reproduce it in both Hebrew and English.

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Sorry about that! This is now fixed in Alpha, and is being deployed to production even now.