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Gather experienced editor feedback beyond EnWiki
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In T203043 we gathered some feedback mostly from Experienced editors from English Wikipedia. In this task we will elicit feedback from more experienced editors, recruited from at least 3 of the following languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, Japanese, or Russian.

In this round in order to focus the feedback on the recommendations themselves, rather than the interface, we won't use the secrec testing tool. Instead, we'll provide lists of recommendations for particular articles, and ask people for two basic kinds of feedback:

  1. (overall practical quality) how useful are these recommendations? (esp. whether they conform with local wiki policies or MoS)
  2. (design requirements for API) if these recommendations were presented in the context of a tool/bot/gadget, how would you (as an end user, or gadget developer) want to be able to provide feedback on the recommendations?

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Could you clarify the relationship between this task and the translations one?
Finding a translator isn't the same thing than finding someone who is knowledgeable about something in particular and/or wants to provide feedback.

@Elitre yes, we're looking for two kinds of CR support:

  • help with translating the instructions page and the call to action message
  • help posting the call to action message to the relevant wikis/mailing lists
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