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[wmf.3 - regression] Un-translated Reference section still counted as unmodified text if unmodified text warning was triggered
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Note: more testing needed to see if the issue specific to en-ru translations.

The issue was found when testing T219468: References list is checked for MT abuse. It seems that after a warning about too much unmodified content is triggered (upon publishing), an un-translated Reference section would be included as unmodified text and it breaks the issue card logic.

  1. Start translating any article for en-ru.
  2. With MT option - Google translate - translate Reference section first - it will be correctly not translated according to the recent fixes - T219412: CX2: Do not translate reference contents
  3. Then translate one paragraph , so you'll have
    • A paragraph that was machine-translated
    • A un-translated Reference section
  4. Click 'Publish' - the warning about too much unmodified content will appear that will refer to two issues which are marked as an error and a warning but they are identical (click to see animated gif).

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 3.53.46 PM.png (405×1 px, 84 KB)

Also, the navigation between issues does not work - clicking on the navigation arrows will not direct a user to a place where the error is occurred:

incorrect_error_warning_message.gif (718×1 px, 156 KB)

To narrow the scope of issues reported above, I tested two "happy" paths:
(1) If there is no MT paragraphs, publishing with untranslated Reference section is successful. That's why T219468 closed.
(2) Issue card navigation between issues works fine if only paragraphs were classified as "unmodified content".