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Problem to find and select the right Wikidata Object sharing its Label (name) with another data instance having a huge occurrence
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I want to create a new statement registering the Last name for a person:

Family name/Last name: De Ruyter

This is nearly impossible because "De Ruyter" has 100s of streets in the Netherlands... and the system does not match the subject "instance" with the "property" for the statement that we are trying to create.

Wouldn't it be better to make the system a bit more intelligent to show "Last name" subject values first when a property "Last name" would be assigned?

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Reedy subscribed.

For ease/reference, you can copy/paste in a Q number

Yes, but this is just the problem. When there are 100s of streets the family name is hidden somewhere, so I don't and can't know the Q number...

There is also a big risk that someone creates duplicate last names because it is so difficult to search for it...

Also, in the general search box we should have an option to select the instance, e.g. Last name, street name, etc. when there are 100s of items with the same Label.

To summarize; this problem of matching are filtering subjects of a certain "instance of" is located at two locations:

  • statement creation
  • searching for objects

Might be linked to ShapeExpressions?

@Lydia_Pintscher @Smalyshev Somehow related to the results of the drop-down menu when creating a specific statement. Do you have any idea/ suggestion to help?

The only thing I can suggest is to search (fulltext) for De Ruyter haswbstatement:P31=Q101352 which would produce the family name item, and then use it's Q-id.

More long-term solution would be for properties to have preferred types and for search to be able to narrow down (or re-sort) by these types, which should be technically possible but requires some UX and backend work.

Thanks @Smalyshev this work for the Search, but not for statement/property/value creation...

There we currently need a workaround to first doing the search in a separate tab, as indicated above, then copy and paste the resulting Q number in the statement property value cell...

Geertivp renamed this task from Problem to select the right Wikidata Object to Problem to find and select the right Wikidata Object sharing its Label (name) with another data instance having a huge occurrence.May 17 2019, 3:40 PM