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[api-feature] Luke081515Bot uses deprecated API entry points
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The robot @Luke081515Bot uses deprecated API entry points and accounts for roughly half of all the deprecation warning we log.

An example on enwiki:


According to the user agent being received, that would be due to Cygnus-Framework V2.1 alpha used by at least those scripts/bots:

Script7 days hits
CTT28 millions
AutoQSDeleteUnwanted28 millions
Queue10 millions

I would guess it is just about updating the Cygnus Framework?

It seems both deprecations are due to mediawiki/core change 07842be379ca3d4d0bc0608c217dd0e8cd7cbe4b T200568 which states in the release notes:

  • action=query&prop=revisions now takes a rvslots parameter to indicate the multi-content revision slots for which content should be returned. It also has a new rvprop, 'roles', to indicate which roles have slots. A deprecation warning will be issued if rvprop=content or rvprop=contentmodel are used without rvslots.
    • The rvcontentformat parameter to action=query&prop=revisions has been deprecated. Clients should be prepared to deal with the default format for relevant models.

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@Luke081515 could you have a look at the bot using a deprecated MediaWiki API call please? :]

Hi @hashar, can you take a look if the warnings decrease now, and if there are still warnings? If everything works like it was planned, there should be no call to the old version from my bot account.

For reference I looked at (private) filtering with: username.raw:"Luke081515Bot".

CTT and Queue were the top scripts still using "action=query&prop=revisions&!rvslots" and "action=query&prop=revisions&rvcontentformat". They are gone since midnight UTC.


There are a few left on dewiki from AutoQSDeleteUnwanted and AutoQSCheckURV

API featureAgent4 hours hits
action=query&prop=revisions&rvcontentformatUser:Luke081515Bot - AutoQSDeleteUnwanted - Cygnus-Framework V2.1 alpha616
action=query&prop=revisions&!rvslotsUser:Luke081515Bot - AutoQSDeleteUnwanted - Cygnus-Framework V2.1 alpha610
action=query&prop=revisions&!rvslotsUser:Luke081515Bot - AutoQSCheckURV - Cygnus-Framework V2.1 alpha16
action=query&prop=revisions&rvcontentformatUser:Luke081515Bot - AutoQSCheckURV - Cygnus-Framework V2.1 alpha16

Those can be seen at:

Apparently via some cron jobs running ever half hour.

And here is a view of API feature logs per username. Luke081515Bot was the green area at the bottom right and accounted for roughly 40% of the logs :]

Luke081515Bot-feature-drop.png (507×617 px, 30 KB)

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A few more are still happening on dewiki, but overall it is 99% done! Thank you very much.

FYI, you can check this yourself if your bot uses a distinct user agent, by entering the agent (or a prefix of the agent) into

That one got mostly fixed ages ago.