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Automatically moving user talk pages during renames should not trigger "You have new messages"
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Moving pages while a user is renamed should not result in "new messages" alerts on every wiki as a result of moving user talk pages

A potential way to suppress these alerts is to store the state of a user's notifications, perform the moves, and then restore the notifications to their prior state. Alternatively, as optional parameter can be added to the moves to suppress alerts (similar to nominornewtalk)

If the intention of these new messages is to inform the user they have been renamed, then a separate custom message should be used

Event Timeline

Potential work around: store current state of new messages flags, execute the moves, and then set the new message flags back to what they were

kostajh added a project: patch-welcome.
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This is not something the Growth-Team will have capacity to work on in the short-to-medium term. If a patch is submitted we could look at it.